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Shakey's was once the premier pizza restaurant chain, that fell into decline because they lagged behind competitors offering convenience (ie., delivery) lower priced food, and new locations centered in developing versus declining demographic areas. Moreover, as a sit-down restaurant, the stores were late to remodel and except for the game rooms, largely abandoned an important point of difference…that Shakey’s served “FUN, ALSO PIZZA!”

Challenge: Build awareness of and convince a new group of consumers that Shakey’s provided a better fast casual pizza restaurant experience.

Solution: Our recommendation was to reintroduce and entertainment each week night, paired with enticing special food offerings. The idea was to expand the customer base by appealing to people with diverse interests, increase business during slower days and dayparts, and offer appetizing off-menu specials to increase profitability.

Result: Substantially higher sales than comparable industry performance with more frequent patronage from groups not previously counted among Shakey’s customer base.

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