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How to Run a Successful Marketing and Advertising Campaign

Part 2 - Develop a Multi-Touchpoint Media Strategy

To kick off part 2 of our series we thought to share a bit of history with you to reflect back on the early days of Marketing and Advertising which started much earlier than most people would guess…

We’re talking hundreds of years ago, with the earliest reference dating back to when producers of goods began stamping their products for quality control. This was the earliest use of a “logo.” Next up was the invention of the printing press which made it possible to reach the masses by the use of paper such as books, posters and newspapers. From this revolutionary invention, the earliest form of print advertising was born and quick to follow were magazines, billboards and outdoor advertising. And not too long after that were radio and television ads. Following these traditional types of marketing, enter Digital Marketing and then Content Marketing comes about!

We’ve come a long way! As new technologies continue to develop, Marketing and Advertising will evolve just how we’ve seen it over the last several hundreds of years.

FACT: People don’t get their information from just one source.

It is important to develop a Multi-Touchpoint Media strategy so that you are in more than one place and thereby can influence prospects’ buying behavior no matter where they get their information.

So which media touch points are most effective at reaching your target audience? Which ones have an efficient (and effective) amount of reach and give you creative compatibility all at the same time? The short answer to that is ALL of them, but ALL of them may not be right for every brand.

What do we mean by Multi-touchpoint Media? Simply put, it means using more than one media for advertising and communication. It increases your chances of success by maximizing opportunities to create top-of-mind awareness and engage and interact with prospective customers! A Multi-Touchpoint Media campaign delivers your marketing message in multiple formats, all at once across multiple platforms. For example, an email promotion to your database, a Facebook Ad to your target audience and a postcard to be distributed in your local area...all utilizing the same creative with the same marketing message.

By promoting yourself across different channels, you are giving the customer yet another chance to get to know you and also to further instill trust and value which ultimately influences their buying behavior.

Content Marketing (blogs, social media, webinars, website newsletters, website articles, podcasts, etc.) and Traditional Marketing (TV and radio, newspapers, billboards, direct mail, and paid social and digital media) are two different tactics to get in front of consumers to share information about your business. Both tactics should be used in a well-rounded marketing campaign to enhance customer engagement using well-produced creative content, including videos.

Here is a list of media channels to consider as you develop your Multi-touchpoint strategy:

  • Email Marketing

  • Television (Including broadcast, cable, streaming, satellite, and OTT)

  • Radio (Including broadcast and satellite.

  • Digital (including search, video, display and retargeting or re-marketing Ads

  • Social Media (social posts and advertising like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, )

  • SEO Marketing

  • Magazines and Newspaper Ads

  • Influencer Marketing

  • Blogging

  • Podcasts

  • Out-of-home (billboards, bus shelters, mall posters, and guys/girls waving signs)

FACT: A prospect usually goes through multiple touch points before converting.

How do you calculate ROI through Multi-touch points? It’s not easy and even digital metrics don’t tell the whole story. For example, what happens if you run a TV commercial and it drives a prospect to your website? You won’t know that TV was the root driver, and it might appear that “organic” website traffic drove an engagement.

But using a combination of measurable data and using some common sense will help you determine what is working and what isn’t working. By undertaking to understand which touch points were most effective and resulted in a positive action, you can quickly assess your media strategy going forward by allocating more spend towards certain channels and less towards others.

This part will take a lot more work to fully understand the overall picture but as the campaign continues, you should continue to monitor the results and make changes to ensure the best results within your budget and to make better media decisions in the future.

To help get you on your way, we are sharing a FREE Media Planning CHECKLIST.

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