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#3 HOW to Cook It!

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Completing our series on how to use Social Media more effectively, is HOW to post. Let’s focus on just one of those, planning out your content. We know this can be very time consuming. You’re constantly thinking of how you can create content that is interesting, that gets engagement, that increases your followers, etc. The planning though is the biggest time suck.

Time to ditch those spreadsheets! Did you know that there are several scheduling platforms available to effortlessly organize and plan your social media posts ahead of time across all of your social media networks? You’ll spend less time scheduling posts and more time focusing on growing your business!

We love that you can build out a calendar and especially that you can schedule and publish the same post across all of your networks in one simple step. You can even manage your ads. Imagine how much time you’ll save not jumping back and forth between Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. You can publish to all simultaneously. Talk about saving time!

Another tool within these platforms that we find super helpful is the ability to analyze and measure success, that way you can make better decisions on how to tweak your strategy going forward. You can even analyze hashtags!

We really love that everything can be managed in one place - scheduling, measuring performance, interacting with your audience, storing your media - photos and videos, team approval workflows and so much more...

Beyond that, many of these platforms help you along by sharing consistent feedback on best practices, social media trends, content ideas, etc. They become an additional resource and you can learn a ton with the information they provide. They are the true experts!

We have evaluated several of these platforms and recommend the following to our clients:

Many of these platforms offer a free option but you can upgrade to a paid plan depending on your social media needs. These are just a few that we’ve mentioned but they are all amazing and they all have different benefits to offer. Bottom line though, they will all save you time!

You’ll thank us later for all of this great info. Find the one that’s right for you...

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Was this blog helpful? Share your thoughts and favorite tools that you have found success with. Leave your comments below.

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