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Neftin Mazda/Volkswagen


Neftin Westlake Car Company is a family-owned and operated Volkswagen and Mazda dealership located in Thousand Oaks, CA. Their business “style” is casual, low tech, soft-sell, and highly customer attentive, reflecting the personality of the family’s front man, Howie Neftin.

Challenge: Create a brand that reflects the personality of the owners and which as a result differentiates this car dealership from competing dealers.

Solution: RSC Marketing & Advertising created a humorous and light-hearted campaign featuring the outgoing and gregarious personality of Howie Neftin. The advertising emphasizes the dealerships’ commitment to personal service and to providing great “deals”. Additionally, the advertising is supported with extensive community outreach activities and sponsorships of local school and non-profit organizations.

Result: Over fifteen years of increasing market share vis a vis key competitors.